Saturday, September 18, 2010

No More Silly Bands!!!

A month or two ago, I started seeing "silly bands" a lot while I was out shopping. They looked cute enough in their packages, and I thought my daughters might enjoy sharing them and figuring out what each little band's shape signified. The kids had fun with them for a while, trading them at school and the bus stop, wearing them on their arms (until their arms sometimes had silly bands starting at their wrists and running up to their elbows). 

It didn't take too long for the romance to wear off, at least for me. Once I started finding the silly bands just about everywhere I went in the house, I started getting frustrated about having to constantly pick them up. Soon, the girls started fighting over whose was whose, about who had the most silly bands, and about who had the best silly bands. Then, one of my daughters told me that because so many kids at school were wearing them, the new policy at school was that no one was to trade them or take them on or off during school because they were distracting the kids too much. They had grown into a MAJOR phenomenon. When I started seeing kids everywhere with these "silly" bands covering their arms, and when none of my daughters any longer felt like they had enough of these, I decided to end the madness. I told my daughters that these silly bands were becoming quite annoying and that they were causing the girls to place too much importance on them. Plus, they were causing too many fights.

Guess what? MY KIDS AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, we are THROWING THE SILLY BANDS OUT!!!!

Thank goodness!!